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Education & Training

Internships, Media Training, Seminars for Students



High school and college students have the opportunity of completing an internship at the Office of Public Relations. Initial experience in journalism, the PR sector, or in advertising can always come in handy. If you are interested in doing an internship, contact Eva Opitz to apply.

Media Training

Numbers, figures, and technical terms are no longer sufficient means of making science comprehensible. Today, scientific content must be explained transparently and transported professionally. We thus offer a media training course designed to help employees of the university gain more confidence in their interaction with the media. Contact Rudolf-Werner Dreier for further information as well as the dates of the next scheduled courses.

Seminars for Students (Professional Skills)

The Center for Soft Skills (ZfS) of the University of Freiburg was launched in November 2002. The task of the center is to provide students of the new bachelor degree programs the opportunity to acquire a broad spectrum of additional practical and interdisciplinary qualifications. Our course offering in soft skills, also known as professional skills, includes the areas management, communication, media, data processing, and foreign languages and is an obligatory component of the B.A. degree programs. The courses place special emphasis on practical applications of the skills. Rather than simply acquiring theoretical knowledge, students handle problems and topics from economics, make films, learn writing or presentation techniques, and create homepages.

If you are interested, please contact Verena Saller for further information.

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