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uniCross – The Online Student Magazine

Information on uniCross, Uni-TV, and Uni-Radio


“uniCross – The Online Student Magazine” has been online since July 2011. At Uni-TV and Uni-Radio and in our online editorial staff, students learn the nuts and bolts of journalistic work under the guidance of experienced journalists. All content is posted at www.unicross.uni-freiburg.de.

The online magazine is a cross-media platform – including text, film, and audio content – featuring news and information on campus life and the university for students, employees, and the general public.

To the online portal: www.unicross.uni-freiburg.de


Online Editorial Staff

The online editorial staff has its origins in the former student newsletter and is part of the Media Center of the University Library. The student reporters of the online editorial staff conduct their own research and interviews and prepare content on news and current events at the University of Freiburg.

Information and contact: www.unicross.uni-freiburg.de/kontakt

The staff issues an e-mail newsletter once a month to announce new content on uniCross. The current newsletter and all previous issues are available on the Student Portal of the University of Freiburg.

Click here to view the current student newsletter.


Uni-Radio echo fm 88.4
The university’s student radio station echo fm 88.4 is part of the Media Center of the University Library. echo fm 88.4 produces 154 hours of programming per week. Radio journalism courses train students in everything from conducting surveys to producing live programs. The media education program is sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg State Institution for Communication (LfK).

The university received a license for its own radio station at the frequency 88.4 fm in 2006. The local station can be received all over Freiburg, and thus in all areas of the university and the university medical center. The 24-hour station is run by the university in cooperation with the following partners: the Freiburg College of Education, the Youth Relief Organization, the Kehl University of Applied Sciences, the Freiburg Jazz and Rock School, and the Freiburg Office of Student Services.

Information and Contact: www.echo-fm.uni-freiburg.de


Uni-TV is television by students for students. It is also part of the Media Center of the University Library and receives financial support from the State Institute for Communication and the Media and Film Society of Baden-Württemberg.

The editorial staff includes students from all fields of study at the University of Freiburg. Under the supervision of an experienced media teacher and television editor, the staff regularly produces high-definition television programs.

Information and Contact: www.uni-tv.uni-freiburg.de






Silvia Cavallucci
Phone: 0049 761 203 3856

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