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uni'leben Ausgabe - en

Issue 3/2017

uni'leben Teaser 1 - en

Oh no, he's calling again!

Business psychologists have worked with companies to test out better approaches to dealing with constant availability
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uni'leben Teaser 2 - en

Herds of conservators

Sheep and goats graze the Freiburg castle hill, and help to promote research, teaching and conservation
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uni'leben Teaser 3 - en

Mangold is a vegetable, mango is a fruit

A visit to the market in Münster can be a German course for foreign students
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uni'leben Teaser 4 - en

Find it, find it!

Dogs can sniff out explosive materials with the greatest precision and at the same time protect people's privacy
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Trennstrich - collage - en

uni'wissen - collage - en


uni'alumni - collage - en


uni'wissen Ausgabe - en

Issue 2/2016

uni'alumni Ausgabe - en

Issue 2017

uni'wissen Teaser 1 - en

What’s So Special about the Mainstream?

A new encyclopedia of songs analyzes the musical and social significance of popular songs
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uni'alumni Teaser 1 - en

Bright Future

The University of Freiburg’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences degree program celebrates its first graduating class
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