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“Humans as architects of themselves”

Lecture on mechanisms and possibilities of action control on October 18, 2018

Freiburg, Oct 09, 2018

“Humans as architects of themselves”

Bernard Hommel. Photo: private

Nutrition, health and life counselors claim that a person who can control his feelings and actions well will experience more professional success, satisfaction, sociability and health. Psychology traditionally distinguishes between deliberate control of actions and automated, habitual action - but recent research has shown this distinction to be untenable. Rather, differences within and between individuals can be attributed to the fact that action control can vary between focusing exclusively on one’s own goals and strongly considering situation-related circumstances. In the series “Freiburg Horizons” the psychologist Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hommel from Leiden University in the Netherlands talks about the basics and influencing factors of human control. He will focus in particular on the question of whether and how humans can influence their actions through meditation, nutrition or brain stimulation. Afterwards there will be an opportunity for discussion and a questions and answer session with the speaker.