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Software is now studying law

A conference on 06.07.2018 will highlight Smart Contracts - contracts that are self-explanatory

Freiburg, Jun 26, 2018

Software is now studying law

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

Pacta sunt servanda –  Contracts have to be kept: First-year law students learn that off the bat. But sometimes people violate their contractual obligations, which then leads to a dispute that can often only be resolved with great effort and legal help. Is it going to be easier soon? In smart contracts, software controls compliance with contractual obligations and automatically sanctions violations with sanctions. On the one hand, services can be made more customer-friendly, for example if a passenger automatically receives the statutory compensation provided the flight tracker registers a delay of his aircraft. On the other hand, you can also closely monitor the clientele, for example, if you pull the digital ignition key for the driver of a rental car, if she drives too fast or travels abroad in breach of contract. A conference run by the Faculty of Law at the University of Freiburg gets to the bottom of these phenomena. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Boris P. Paal and private lecturer Dr. Martin Fries discusses with students, scientists and representatives of the practice from all over Germany about how clever smart contracts really are.