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The “Russian Choir” at the University

Lecture on 14 Nov. 2017 about an enduring relic from the time of the Russian Revolution in Freiburg

Freiburg, Nov 02, 2017

The “Russian Choir” at the University

Russian Choir. Source: Zwetajewa-Zentrum

Alexander Kresling, who came to Freiburg after the Revolution of 1917, taught Russian at the university for decades and founded the “Russian Choir” here in 1929/30. This unique institution exists to this day and still holds true to its original principles: In keeping with the orthodox tradition, the choir sings exclusively a capella and from memory. Professor of Slavic languages and literatures Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Cheauré will sketch out the life story of Alexander Kresling as well as the development of the Russian Choir, which will provide musical accompaniment at the event.