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The fruit fly as Nobel laureate?

The 13th Café Scientifique to be held on November 14, 2017 on the meaning of the fruit fly for brain research, health care and technology

Freiburg, Nov 07, 2017

“The fourth laureate is the fly,” said Jeffrey C. Hall – shortly after he, together with Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young, received the Noble Prize in psychology and medicine in 2017. Why is the fruit fly so important to him? Prof. Dr. Andrew Straw from the Institute of Biology I at the University of Freiburg explains what role the Drosophila melanogaster played in the significant discoveries, like that of the biological clock by this year’s Nobel laureates. Shaw will introduce his research on the neurobiology of navigation and together with audience will discuss the role of model systems in biological research and the relevance of the Nobel prize.