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Using DNA for composite sketches

Experts will discuss the use of genetic-based data for facial reconstruction on December 18, 2018

Freiburg, Dec 04, 2018

DNA-based facial reconstruction aims to predict external features based solely on genetic information. Forensic scientists could use them to create composite sketches. The workshop “DNA-based facial reconstruction” will deal with the technology in a multidisciplinary way. Experts from genetics, anthropology, statistics, political and social sciences as well as forensics discuss various aspects of the topic: How are these reconstructions created? How reliable are the results? Should forensics use them, and what are the risks and benefits associated with them? Prof. Dr. Amade M'charek from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Prof. Dr. Mark Shriver from Penn State University, USA and Prof. Dr. Denise Syndercombe-Court from King's College London, England will address these questions and more.