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Written declaration of love

Author Jens Siegert will present hi book 111 Gründe, Russland zu lieben (111 Reasons to Love Russia) on My 24, 2019

Freiburg, May 21, 2019

Written declaration of love

Source: Zwetajewa-Zentrum für russische Kultur an der Universität Freiburg e. V.

It is a huge country - in terms of surface area, Russia is in fact the largest country on earth. Depending on the region, it shows off different sides: from the rugged mountainous country in Eastern Siberia to extensive lake and river landscapes to megacities such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. In view of this diversity, it does not seem easy to understand Russia or to take it to one's heart. The country is simply too big. It eludes a single embrace. The author Jens Siegert has lived and worked in Moscow since 1993. He has managed to find 111 big and small reasons that, in his opinion, make the country lovable and have compiled them in a book. Siegert headed the Moscow office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation from 1999 to 2015. Since 2016 he has engaged in public diplomacy for the European Union in Russia.