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The University of Freiburg aims to promote creativity throughout the entire university and create new networking opportunities and space for all creative minds. The following press releases and articles from the online magazine show ideas, measures, and projects in that field.


Reflecting on ideas and letting them mature
The Foundersclub supports start-up entrepreneurs’ projects and invites them to regular discussion panels
Providing information, counsel and support
The University of Freiburg career portal is online
Artistic auditorium
Explaining one’s own research and exciting the crowd in ten minutes – clear the stage for the Science Slam
Key partnership in Japan
The University of Freiburg maintains close ties with Nagoya University
Showing University's Strengths in Excellence Competition
Freiburg Scholars have their say about opportunities opened by the excellence competition
Taking to the streets in the name of science
Ingo Henneberg, co-organizer of the „March for Science“ in Freiburg, invites you to the demonstration
Paths to academia
The University of Freiburg works out a personnel development plan for various career models