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The University of Freiburg aims to promote creativity throughout the entire university and create new networking opportunities and space for all creative minds. The following press releases and articles from the online magazine show ideas, measures, and projects in that field.


Self-determination at Work
The University of Freiburg’s Inclusion Agreement has been signed – ushering in a change in organizational culture from which all employees benefit
Focus on Creativity
The University of Freiburg is holding the "Connecting Creative Minds" photography contest.
A Piece of the Excellence Mosaic
Stephan Lengsfeld's Co-Creation Camp gives the university slogan "Connecting Creative Minds" a face and refines the institution's own lost-and-found procedures.
No man is an island
Working, thinking and guiding through networks: What do members at the University of Freiburg think about their new motto “Connecting Creative Minds?”
Flashes of insight and sparks of ideas
Students tell us their most exciting ideas and the places they get them
Setting creativity free
“Connecting Creative Minds: Trinational, European, Global” is the University of Freiburg’s strategic development motto
Great partners
The international degree program “Applied Political Science” teaches the fundamentals of european relations