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Excellence Initiative: University of Freiburg Successful

German Research Council (DFG) and Science Council Approve Full Proposals for Freiburg’s Concept for the Future

Freiburg, 24.01.2006

The German federal and state governments have reached a decision on the excellence initiative for the promotion of science and research at German universities:
The Albert-Ludwig University is among the few top universities whose concept for the future has been chosen to participate in the third round of this excellence initiative. A total of 27 universities, including seven from Baden-Württemberg, participated as „excellence universities” in the bidding for the third round. Selected were only the institutions which were especially successful in the first two rounds.

The success in this „heavyweight“ competition will enable Freiburg to attract highly-qualified young scientists, internationally renowned researchers, and visiting scholars and to further increase the research excellence of the University of Freiburg. With its international research programs, „Institutes for Advanced Studies“, and top-level international and German researchers, Freiburg aims to take a place among the best research universities worldwide. Instead of days on end of obstacles, filled with applications for third-party funds, commission work, and bureaucracy, researchers will then have the freedom they need to conduct excellent research. The five disciplines included in the research programs are literature and linguistics, history, law, chemistry and material research, and life sciences and medicine.

To reach the third round, universities had to have their proposals in the first and second round accepted as full proposals. The University of Freiburg was distinguished in this area as well: The university will be able to submit final proposals for two graduate schools for the promotion of young researchers and one excellence cluster for the promotion of top-level research. The definitive decision on the granting of funds is expected in October 2006. Freiburg entered the bidding with draft proposals for six graduate schools and five excellence clusters.

The successful proposals were the graduate schools „Molecular Cell Research in Biology and Medicine“ and „Polymer Sciences and Microsystems Technology“ and the excellence cluster „Microsystems and Functional Materials – Integrated Bioinspired Systems“.

The University of Freiburg was delighted with the decision. „The expert commission’s decision shows clearly that with its excellent research and instruction, the University of Freiburg is well prepared for the competition to receive the title of top university”, stated the rector of the university, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Jäger.

The university has thus again strengthened its top position among German universities, already documented in nationwide rankings in the past years. Freiburg also recently qualified for the final round of the nationwide competition to be named the German „City of the Sciences“.

With this honor in the „excellence initiative”, an internationally recognized decision has now been made in favor of Freiburg.

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