Issue 1/2014

"I'm Always Open to Good Ideas"

Rector Hans-Jochen Schiewer wants to develop the Upper Rhine Valley into an outstanding European research center.
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Jokes, Words, Contradictions:

Cognitive scientist Evelyn Ferstl studies how people understand language in context and how they decipher humor and irony.
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Safer Workplace:

The University of Freiburg pledges to take action against all types of violence with a
comprehensive threat management strategy.
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Issue 2/2013

The Diaphragm Plays Along

For the first time ever, films show what happens inside the body when musicians play wind instruments.
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Issue 2013

Inside the Quality Circle

Promote teaching approaches, improve course organization, conduct surveys: how the university continues to evolve teaching and learning.
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Issue 2014

Teaching with smartphones, blogs and clay

Lecturers at the University of Freiburg spruce up their classes with unconventional didactic approaches.
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