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Nicolas Scherger
Press officer and Office of Public Relations Head (provisional)

Nicolas Scherger is the University’s press officer and University press work coordinator. As provisional head of the Office of Public Relations, he is responsible for the departments “Press Work and Public Relations,” Public Relations and Event Management” and “Alumni.”

Phone: 0049 761 203 4301

Rimma Gerenstein
Deputy Press Officer and Department Head (provisional)

Rimma Gerenstein is provisional head of the public relations department and deputy press spokeswoman for the University of Freiburg. She is responsible for the editing of the University of Freiburg homepage and the University newspaper uni'leben. She also supervises department volunteers and interns.

Phone: 0049 761 203 8812

Petra Kränzlein

Petra Kränzlein is head secretary of the Office of Public Relations.

Phone: 0049 761 203 4302

Annette Kollefrath-Persch
Editor: uni'wissen

Annette Kollefrath-Persch serves as editor of the magazine uni'wissen, which covers current research at the University of Freiburg. She also supports the team with press work and public relations.

Phone: 0049 761 203 8909

Judith Burggrabe
Editor: uni'intern

Judith Burggrabe serves as editor for internal communications and coordinates the intranet content for the PR channel uni’intern.

Phone: 0049 761 203 96769

Manuel Devant
Video / Expert Database

Manuel Devant films press videos and maintains the University of Freiburg’s Expert Database.

Phone: 0049 761 203 98605

Dr. Max Orlich
Social Media Coordinator

Max Orlich is responsible for coordinating the University's overall social media presence.

Phone: 0049 761 203 98607

Melanie Hübner
Social Media

Melanie Hübner is responsible for coordinating the press office's social media presence.

Phone: 0049 761 203 98606


Sarah Nieber
Communication EUCOR - The European Campus

Sarah Nieber is communications officer for the University network Eucor – The European Campus and maintains its Website.

Phone: 0049 761 203 4282

Sandra Meyndt
Media Response

Sandra Meyndt is responsible for preparing the university's daily press review and media response analysis. She also maintains the Press Office's photo database.

Phone: 0049 761 203 98604

Franziska Becker

Franziska Becker is a trainee in the University's press office. Her tasks include press relations and editorial work on University publications.

Tel.: 0049 761 203 54271


Education & Training

Information on Education & Training